Top tips for Teachers Moving to the UAE in 2023

Top tips for Teachers Moving to the UAE in 2023

Want to start a new journey as a teacher in the UAE in 2023? You might know that the UAE is one of the most popular destinations for teachers who want to advance their careers. In UAE, thousands of teachers every year are required for work. However, working overseas can bring a lot of challenges as well. Assignment Help Dubai has prepared a list to go through if you want to secure the best teaching job in UAE and understand how it works. So here are some tips and tricks that would help: 

1. Performing Research

The UAE is a country that is serious about its culture and laws. It is called a super safe country and tax-free country with expectations to follow their local traditions, acceptable behavior, and etiquette.

As per the recommendation from the experts, teachers should do their homework by performing detailed research on everything, such as, school or university they want to join. What work-life balance they can expect from the culture of the UAE. According to Sorcha Coyle, founder and coach of Empowering Expat Teachers, she spoke about the requirements to prepare to get teaching experience in the UAE. She said that this can be exciting professionally, financially, and personally. He further said if she would be moving to the UAE as a teacher, she would have a strategy for at least six months or a year. Also, he suggested that a review from the past or present teacher can be beneficial as well. 

2. Getting familiar with the education System

As a teacher, you must know education system and curriculum standards of the UAE. Each school might have its own specific system, which you need to understand. Knowing that the structure in UAE is divided into several stages, which include kindergarten, primary education, Middle school, secondary school, etc. A teacher, must know the difference between public and private school terms and conditions. 

3. Performing Document Check

Have you ever heard of getting a job or immigrating without proper documentation? So, it is necessary to ensure that you have all the documents for employment and residency. This includes a contract, a valid work visa, professional qualification documentation, and other required documents. 

One of the Human Resources Directors of the UAE’s largest school at Taaleem, Talat Goldie, said that teachers should make sure that they have verified documents. This institute hires more than 80 teachers per year from outside the UAE. When moving to the UAE, teachers should have tons of copies of their documents, and they should be attested. 

The Regional Head of Development of Tes Institute - Victoria James advised the immigrating teachers to check their qualification in advance and whether they are according to the UAE’s Ministry of Education. 

4. School Environment

The environment is as important as it directly impacts your performance and mental health as well. Well-reputed organizations always focus on providing a stress-free environment for their employees. You should communicate properly with your school before arrival to know the environment of teaching, classroom resources, and demographics of students. 

Ms. Coyles has said that teachers should be aware that many schools in UAE are not publicly funded, which made all school cultures different from each other. The Environment in schools of UAE is different from those in countries like South Africa, America, and Ireland. If you are coming from any of these places the environment of the UAE Institutes can be surprising for you. To clarify, some upper management staff are not people who have been teachers in their lives. Also, there can be a lot of pressure on the target, which needs to be met.

5. Cultural Sensitivity for teachers in UAE 

This factor cannot be avoided at as for every country their culture and norms matter the most. Especially, for country like UAE which is highly concern regarding their cultural norms even if they promote diversity. Some of the cultural aspects include, dressing modestly, especially when outside the expatriate areas, being mindful of religious practices in special occasions. As per the advice of Ms. Goldie regarding cultural sensitivity, teachers can look up on social media to grasped the understanding of societal norms in their new home. 

6. Learning the basic Arabic Language

You might be a teacher of English subject, but learning basic of Arabic language can be a plus point in reaching your goals. So, learning a little bit of Arabic language can make your new journey smoother and quick. This would help you to grow by understanding Arabic messages or sometime urgent news. Assignment Help Dubai has found in a research survey that people who are aware of Arabic language find it easy to work in the UAE than others who don’t.  

7. The Labor Laws in UAE 

Ms. Goldie recommended to grasp knowledge regarding the labor laws of UAE that could differ from their home country. Knowing these laws will help teachers save themselves from violating any law as well as stopping them from becoming a victim. Some of the highlighted labor laws terms that are necessary to go through are, resignations, grievances, harassment, and termination and should be aware of their rights. 

8. Finding a Strong support Network

Being away from your family and country would require to have a support that would help them get with the flow. A strong support network will help them understand and adapt culture of UAE, and build strong social Circle. For first three months, new joiners should say yes to everything, should attend different events, conferences, and meetings to know what’s appropriate and what’s not. 

Moving to UAE as a teacher can be different experience for different people. To be successful one must go with proper research and should be respectful and adaptable to UAE culture, local customs and the lifestyle in UAE.