How to Write a Thesis Statement

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Most students, when they come across research paper writing or essay writing tasks in their academics, often come across the question, “What is a thesis statement?”. The thesis statement meaning is to identify the topic of the essay or research paper being discussed. It is the part of the introduction or first paragraph of your essay or paper. Process of writing a thesis statement relies on the type of topic, but in any case, the thesis statement is the main purpose for writing. It could be the supported argument or the theme in a narrative story. When it comes to defining a thesis statement, it is a sentence that summarizes key points of a research paper or an essay. 

Plenty of thesis statement examples present online for students to help them understand how to execute a thesis statement. Here, the team of writers of Assignment Help UAE has stated some of the ways that can help you write a thesis statement effectively. 

Begin with a Question 

To start deciding what your thesis statement should be, you must have a clear topic idea in your mind. Not only topic details but the boundaries or areas in which your topic will revolve. Sometimes, you have a question in your essay or an area that is well-defined in your research, but the specification can be missing. A thesis statement is specific while defining every aspect of the research. Probing is necessary before you make your thesis statement so you can make a well-covered thesis statement. 

Decide the answer 

The next step involves thinking about the answer. What answer it could be, you have to stand with one side positive or negative. For example, the internet has more positives than negatives, Or Fast food should be banned in schools and colleges to promote healthy eating. This answer will help you further conduct your research or complete your essay. In the end, you have to agree or disagree with your statement. 

Identify Key argument 

By following the second step, you will be able to identify the third step which is identifying the argument and finding an answer for the discussion part. In this part of the development of your thesis statement, you need to think about why this is your answer and how you will persuade your readers to agree with you. 

Finalize and refine the Thesis statement 

When things are clear, refine your thesis statement and make it precise yet covering all the aspects of the research or essay you are going to write. Remember a strong thesis statement takes some sort of stand which is explained and answered in further studies whether it agrees or disagrees, but research is concluded in the answer to that question. 

Thesis Statement for argumentative or expository essays

Argumentative essays are the most common types of academic papers students write. These kinds of essays enable students to have an in-depth understanding of the essay topic as they see it from both positive and negative perspectives of the topic. Such essay types do not rely on the abstract of the thesis statement to explain what will be discussed in the essay. 

When writing a thesis statement for expository and argumentative essays, you put the question and add the minor details to hide all about the paper. You need to paint a full picture in that short statement so the readers can get instantly what areas of the topic are covered in this essay. The thesis statement example for such essays can be like this: The life of a typical adult is characterized by time spent on the job, spending time with family, or managing household chores. The essay will discuss how much degree a typical adult life involves the mentioned activities. 

 Therefore, a well-executed thesis statement is the one which contains the explanation of the one main idea appropriately. Don’t forget to take a stand while writing a thesis statement. It becomes easy to write a thesis statement when you research the topic and figure out the pros and cons. All the well-written research papers are the result of a well-executed thesis statement. You can also get thesis writing help or help with essays if you think it’s still complicated you have less time to fall into such intricacies.