Mental Harassment at Workplace UAE LAW

Mental Harassment at Workplace UAE LAW

The United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, and it has achieved this with strict rules and regulations. Harassment is a set of behaviors that disturb, intimidate, and threaten another person.  Workplace bullying UAE and sexual harassment laws are developing in the Middle East Region. Back then, these laws were limited, but slowly, with the new developments, mental harassment laws in the workplace in the UAE are also being revised.

Examples of workplace bullying include unwarranted criticism, social isolation, being shouted at or humiliated, excessive monitoring, blame without truthful justification, etc. Hence, if you think you are getting invalid criticism or being treated unfairly than other group members, then you should report this behavior under the new UAE harassment and bullying laws.

The Legal Standpoint of Harassment in the UAE

To report the harassment at workplace, one must know the legal perspective of that law in the country they are living in. Harassment in the UAE is can be of many types; some mentioned by Essay Writing Service UAE are,

  • Discriminatory harassment: People mock or make fun of other people based on their religion, disability, race, or gender.
  • Psychological harassment: This type of harassment is painful as it isolates an employee, and this makes them feel insecure or even put in a situation of depression.
  • Physical harassment: Physical harassment is strictly prohibited in many places because it involves physical attacks that end up hurting people physically.
  • Sexual harassment: This kind of harassment includes requests for sexual favors or physical or verbal behavior of a sexual nature.
  • Power harassment: When any person misuses their power and acts unfairly toward other team members, this comes under power harassment.

Including this, another kind of harassments are verbal, non-verbal, and physical. A country’s or an organization is based on its principles, and United Arab Emirates have values about serving people with honesty and integrity.

What is the new law for harassment in UAE?

According to research by Assignment Help Services, the UAE has strengthened its harassment laws recently. A significant step has been taken to protect a woman in the workplace. A focus on creating a comfortable and safer environment for female employees is increased. As per Cabinet Resolution No. 1 of 2022 and Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021, employers are legally obligated to provide a safe working environment for their people and protect them from any form of harassment, as specified in Article 13(13).

As stated in new laws by the UAE government, any type of verbal, psychological, or physical bullying against an employee by a supervisor or colleagues is not allowed. The UAE plans to overcome the danger of workplace harassment, and in 2022, article 14, also mentioned different forms of mental harassment that disrupt the workplace. Employers must follow these harassment rules and provide a harassment-free work environment that defends an employee’s mental health. 

What is the Punishment of harassment in the UAE?

The punishment for harassment depends on the level of harassment performed. The UAE law imposes heavy fines, or a person is sentenced to imprisonment if they mentally torture another employee at the workplace. In addition, the law delivers protection against workplace discrimination grounded on factors like color, gender, race, disability, nationality, or religion. The fines are hefty, so nobody dares to violate the harassment laws, ranging from AED 5,000 to AED 1,000,000.

According to Article 413 of the UAE penal law, a person involved in sexual harassment shall be liable to jail for a period not less than a year and subjected to a fine not less than dh10,000 or both penalties. Workplace harassment UAE laws are getting stricter day by day, and before committing such harassment crimes, workers or employers should know how strict the UAE is in its rules and regulations.

Channels for Reporting and Legal Options

Many workers don’t know where they can be harassed at the workplace. So, employees facing harassment have several internal channels for seeking help. It is legally required by employees to establish valid internal grievances that ensure confidentiality and neutral inquiry.

MoHRe, which stands for Human Resource and Emiratization, deals with harassment cases and sets penalties after a thorough investigation of the case. The role of MoHRE in addressing mental harassment cases in the UAE is pivotal as it deals with labor relations. MoHRE is the government organization that serves as a regulatory body to deal with mental harassment cases. This organization also works as an enforcer and mediator ensuring the work environment in the United Arab Emirates is efficient for professional growth, productivity, and mental health.

Also, MoHRE regulates the enforcement of labor laws in the UAE, it has professionals that deal with any kind of legal framework, creating a fair and lively work environment for the people of UAE.

In the UAE, each employee is responsible for behaving as per the country’s rules and regulations to sustain their jobs. According to Article 16(2) of the employment law, the employee should show acceptable behavior and act professional with integrity and honesty. Therefore, Assignment Writing Service UAE shares this message to the UAE residents to be humble towards their responsibility and respect one another in the workplace to enhance productivity.