The Impact of COVID'19 and Recovery in UAE

The Impact of COVID'19 and Recovery in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) was affected worst by the epidemic during the initial quarter of 2020, with the most cases reported and the most confirmed deaths compared to other nations in the Arabian Gulf States. Because of how quickly the virus has spread, several essential industries have been hit hard by the epidemic.

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Mortality Rate

Death tolls during the deadly epidemic were surprisingly low relative to the number of verified cases. As we all know how Covid'19 has been brutal to some countries when it comes to mortality rate. However, the number of deaths in the United Arab Emirates remained relatively stable throughout time. Out of several 879,973 confirmed cases from June 2020 to February 2022, only 2,301 people lost their lives. Everyday amounts varied from zero to twenty. On the nineteenth of February, 2021, twenty recorded deaths were the greatest number ever.

The effective measure taken by UAE to lower the Covid'19 impact on people was remarkable. Some important steps are closing schools and higher education institutions, working on distance learning, managing shopping malls and controlling people's rush, closing entertainment destinations, and suspending the issuance of Visas. 

The Business Sector 

The real estate market in the UAE was less profitable as a result of the COVID-19 virus. The widespread drop in housing prices and rental rates over the last several years is illustrative of this trend. However, the global travel bans and orders to remain inside severely hampered the global economy and stopped tourism dead in its tracks. Since the start of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has influenced global economic trends. Many U.A.E. businesses, including aviation, real estate, tourism, academia, and people's way of life, have weathered the economic and social storms.

Nevertheless, leaders are expecting and taking many transformation initiatives. Digital transformation is the next major step that might take UAE business to the next level. The initiatives such as virtual Business setup or Freezone business setup will continue economic flow even in tough times. Cheap Assignment Writing Service Dubai has helped many students to write a report on emerging business challenges in UAE which clearly describes the upcoming future of UAE Business after Covid-19.

Some recommendations to businesses to be prepared for the future are: 

  • Engage and lead the workforce in modern ways by driving trust, sharing inspirational leadership, and flexible work options like remote working. 
  • Work on Automation and application of AI making workflow more intelligent and responsive. 
  • Draw attention to cybersecurity, adoption of automation, improvement in operational flexibility, and use of hybrid cloud which involves moving business functions to the cloud. 

Education System

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 among students and faculty, the U.A.E. government, similar to all other countries across the globe, temporarily shut down campuses and shifted toward online teaching. Several online students had little or no interaction with their instructors under the hybrid classrooms method. As a result of having to do more ahead of time and after hours, both administrators and educators have reported feeling increased pressure and stress in their jobs.

To combat the COVID'19 impact on education UAE has now focused more on online studies and has improved the process of online education. The Shift to online education was taken by universities in UAE that put pressure on all the educational organizations for coping with the electronic delivery of lessons. Systems like Adobe Connect, visual learning tools, or Chalkboard were adopted by different universities. Hence, the education system in UAE is slowly taking all the precautionary measures to be prepared for any future disaster like COVID'19. 

Effective Measure taken to Combat COVID'19 in UAE

  • The U.A.E. Cabinet has given the green light to roll out 33 projects to boost the country's economic sectors. Additionally, an Interim Committee was established to oversee the rollout of the adaptable plan and ensure its success in boosting commercial expansion.
  • To boost its overseas commerce and encourage greater involvement of non-oil industries in the country's G.D.P., the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) created an "Export Development Policy" to expand exports and open up global markets. The strategy will pave the way for the country's economy to take advantage of the uptick in economic activity that is anticipated for 2021 and beyond.
  • In a key move to propel the country's economy, the U.A.E. government authorized the Emirates Development Bank Program to give financial assistance of AED 30 billion to enterprises and start-ups. For five years, from 2021–2025, the bank has committed capital of AED 30 billion to bolster strategic industrial sectors.
  • The city has established its Creative Economy Strategy to increase the creative sectors' input to Dubai's G.D.P. from 2.6% in 2020 to 5% by 2025. Dubai will offer adaptable financial plans, incentives, and cutting-edge innovative incubators to keep up with lightning-fast technological advancements.