Scholarships in UAE that You Can't-Miss Out!

Scholarships in UAE that You Can't-Miss Out!

UAE is a country where people strive to be, and each year hundreds of people leave their home countries to begin their lives in UAE. People look for jobs in this accelerating economy and settle in this country to live a more luxurious and refined life.

Scholarships in UAE for Deserving Students

Job seekers and students are turning towards UAE for a better educational environment, and this is where scholarship opportunities come in. UAE universities are some of the best in the world, with world-class faculties and high-end campuses. Most of the universities are subsidiaries of international universities present in the USA or UK.

Assignment help in Dubai has compiled a list of beneficial scholarships for students from all over the world.

2. UAEU University

Foreign students may get full funding for their Master's or Doctoral studies at UAEU University thanks to the United Arab Emirates Scholarships. The institution is widely regarded as a leading regional public research institution. Medical coverage, a monthly allowance, and free tuition are all included for the student if required. 

You can head over to UAE’s website for more information.

3. Sheikh Zayed University

Scholarships at Sheikh Zayed University are available to students from other countries, and they are entirely funded. Candidates from any and all nations and ethnicities are encouraged to apply. The full scholarship covers one hundred percent of the cost of education in addition to providing a stipend per month and a number of other perks.

Get more information through the official Zayed University Website.

4. Khalifa University Scholarships

Scholarships are available at all levels of study at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, including undergrad, master's, doctoral, and pre-medical bridge courses. The university is consistently ranked among the top choices for academic pursuits in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Overseas study grants are offered in the United Arab Emirates for students majoring in any educational area or subject, including but not limited to engineering, medicine, business, healthcare, the arts, information technology, and other fields.

Get all the relevant information here.

5. Abu Dhabi University

Scholarships in the United Arab Emirates are available for undergraduate and graduate study at Abu Dhabi University. Many other types of scholarships are available, including postgraduate grants, alumni scholarships, and scholarships based on merit.

Go to Abu Dhabi University’s website to know more.  

6. Canadian University

A course of study modeled after Canada's educational system is made available through the Canadian University of Dubai. Those who are interested might choose to enroll in one of the university's different departments: architectural and interior design; communication arts and sciences; engineering, applied sciences, and technology; or administration. Students who have been properly accredited will be eligible to get a tuition remission of up to forty percent (40%) of their total educational costs from Canadian University Dubai.

This is where you can get more information on scholarships at Canadian University.